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J-Squared & Hudson: Twelve 12s Season’s Beatings Christmas Special!


Yes, we’ve gone in on the Christmas songs once again! This time J-Squared and myself break open the festive selection for Southern Hospitality’s all live and vinyl only Twelve 12s mix series to bring 12 12″ singles of seasonal fun.  Big shout out to Rob and Jimmy Plates for helping out, to Southern Hospitality for putting this out and to everyone who’s supported the Season’s Beatings mix series for the last 10 years – Feliz Navidad!




More Xmas: Guest post on @whosampled blog, Ill Behaviour Radio Xmas Spesh and Soulman’s Xmas mix

I was thinking I was going to do any Xmas posts on the blog this year… First off, J-Squared and myself did a guest post for WhoSampled.com, the premier place for finding out about samples, on samples of Xmas records – The Twelve Breaks of Christmas.

Next, DJ Beatmaster did a festive edition of his Ill Behaviour radio show on Leicester’s Demon FM – I did a live mix of seasonal hip hop, J-Squared got on the phone to discuss his favourite Xmas hits and then Beatmaster himself kept the festive momentum going. You can now download the show to re-run the fun at your leisure.



Check out Ill Behaviour’s site for a track list and make sure to check Beatmaster’s show every Wednesday night on Demon FM.

Lastly, Phill Most Chill aka Soulman has just put up a Xmas mix. This is what I’m going to have playing on Christmas morning.




The complete Season’s Beatings saga and live radio show on @demonfm

Feliz Navidad. On Wednesday I’m doing a live mix of Christmas favourites from the Season’s Beatings and stuff that didn’t make it onto the mixes on Beatmaster Wright’s Ill Behaviour show on Leicester’s Demon FM on Wednesday 21 December at 10pm. If you’re in Leicester you can tune in to 107.5FM – for everyone else you can listen online live (click on the ‘listen live’ button)

Also, all four volumes of SB are now on Mixcloud (I think they’ve got download links on them if you want to play them offline but if not *cough* offliberty.com…):





Thank you to everyone who’s helped us put these mixes together and spread the word. Shout out to Dave H who did the artwork and also did the first volume with us, shout out to Gidge and the rest of the Off The Hook friends and family, nice one Glenn for making that first one sound tip top, thanks to Boombox Distribution and Breakin Bread crew for spreading it worldwide, thanks to Dan Greenpeace for playing them in their entirety on the All City Show on XFM every Xmas Eve, also other radio thanks to DJ Food at Solid Steel and Mr Trick at Turntable Radio.

Thanks to all the magazines, newspapers, message boards and websites that reviewed it, Hip Hop Connection (The DJ Yoda reviews were often quoted), Canadian Vogue magazine, Metro newspaper, Spine Magazine, UKHH.com. Mistletunes.com, Digital Vertigo, Skratchworx, Stones Throw MB and any others that I can’t remember right now. Thanks to everyone who helped us get drops for the first one (nice one Matt for the Keith Harris hook up) and to everyone who used to send us suggestions for future volumes – very, very helpful. Lastly thanks to everyone who’s bought or downloaded them,  put them on their FB, or retweeted about it or just actually tells someone about them. It’s much appreciated.

Season’s Beatings Vol. 1 (The Clean Radio Version)

It’s December which means one thing; it’s time to roll out the old Season’s Beatings mix again. This time we’ve taken the time to delete all the curses (I think) so it’s safe to play in front of the young folks and the old folks who don’t like to hear their Christmas jams littered with f-bombs. Please click on the ‘favourite’ or Facebook ‘like’ buttons on there as that would be helpful.
May I also take this moment to remind you that the three volumes of Season’s Beatings are available with artwork painfully curated by Dave Hernia from all good shops worldwide and are a great stocking filler for the music fan in your life. Also, Season’s Beatings 4 is still over here to grab for free.

J-Squared & Hudson’s Season’s Beatings 4 (Revised)


In case you didn’t get the memo, J-Squared and myself have got Xmas records coming out the effin’ wazoo. We did three mix CD’s of alternative christmas fire, which are well loved throughout the land but people kept stopping us in the street and asking when’s the next one coming out? Therefore we put together a free internet only volume a couple of years back. This is that one that’s been slightly revised with a few extra bits.

You can grab volume one here for free and the other two volumes are in all good record shops like Fat City

Much thanks goes out to the Glenn McG for giving us the original SB4 mix as we’d foolishly lost it.

Season’s Beatings – A Yuletide Odyssey (Christmas mix CD from 2003)

As a special festive treat here’s the first volume in the Season’s Beatings series that I did along with J-Squared and Dave H in 2003 as a challenge to see how many good christmas records we could cobble together. Remarkably we managed to cobble together enough for 4 CD’s (the others should be available in all good http://www.fatcity.co.uk/Sales/pages/MusicPageRichMedia.aspx?pageid=13095)

There’s plenty of fruity language so if you’ve got young’uns be careful…


‘Up On The Housetop’ Jackson 5
‘Soulful Christmas’ James Brown
‘Winter Wonderland Reggae’ Byron Lee
‘I’ll Be Your Santa, Baby’ Rufus Thomas
‘Santa’s Little Helpers’ Rotary Connection
‘Christmas In Hollis’ Run DMC
‘Christmas Rappin’ Kurtis Blow
‘Chillin’ With Santa’ Derek B
Coldcut’s Christmas Break
‘Let The Jingle Bells Rock’ Sweet Tee
‘Dana Dane Is Coming To Town’ Dana Dane
Getting Down With Lil’ Louie H
‘Christmas Gift’ Margie Joseph
‘Jingle Bells’ Lou Donaldson
‘Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto’ James Brown
‘Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin’ Mack Rice
‘Christmas A Pass’ Charmaine
‘Santa Claus Is Black’ Mikey Jarrett & Mikey General
Frankincense Blend
Gold Blend
Myrrh Blend
‘Christmas Child’ Rotary Connection
‘Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin’ Albert King
‘Space Christmas’ Shonen Knife
Tried By McCartney
‘Christmas Rappin’ Dizzy H
‘Christmas Wrapping’ The Waitresses
‘A Special Christmas Message’ Arro
‘Little Drummer Boy’ Salsoul Orchestra
‘Let The Good Times Roll’ Ray Charles
‘Silent Night Chant’ Rotary Connection


Here’s some bits from the reviews it got:

…A 60 minute treat of festive fun from the likes of James Brown, Run DMC, Kurtis Blow, Paul McCartney & Shonen Knife. An odd combo you’ll agree but it works! Yuletide drops include Keith Harris, Orville and Pitman. It also includes a “christmas wrapping” by the Waitresses so send the posse some online love…” HHC

“…Off the Hook (Derby’s premier Hip Hop Spot) proudly brought you “Seasons Beatings” last year, but since the release was a bit rushed, and the mix was so good, it was definitely a good idea to give it another shot this year. It’s a mix of the coolest Christmas beats you’re going to find anywhere – including Hip Hop from Run DMC & Kurtis Blow to Sweet Tee & Derek B, plus a whole load of funk flavours from everyone from the Jackson 5 to Ray Charles…” HHC, DJ Yoda, Ones & Twos

“…This takes all that naff Christmas music down a dark alley and buckwheats it, and rather weirdly you could probably listen to it in the middle of summer and still enjoy it. Although whether you would want to or not depends entirely on your own enjoyment of contrary seasonal perversity…” New Noise