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Southern Hospitality’s Twelve 12s: Motown Special

I did another live vinyl only mix for Southern Hospitality’s Twelve 12s series a few months ago, this time it’s an all Motown special with tracks from Diana Ross, Stevie, Marvin, Rick James and more. Check it out and the rest of the series, over 60 mixes of the best music – all live, all vinyl, all twelve inches!





DJ Marsellus Wallace – Soundtrack Pro

New mix from Marsellus Wallace – all Soundtracks… Marsellus explains the mix below:

“Yo yo what’s good out there? This is a mix that I have been working on for the better part of 8 months. Yeah, I take my sweet time. I guess those that follow my blog can vouch for that also ha! But this mix was different. You see, if you didn’t already know, I am a huge 70’s record soundtrack collector. That and library have always been a passion of mine. So, what I wanted to do was make a mix that had that feel to it, but also in the style of many hip hop mixes that had influenced me in the past. There were many tracks/ost’s that I wanted to put on here, but unfortunately the feeling was just not there while laying it down. It almost felt like I was arranging my own orchestra the more I got into it. That is why I added dialogue, action themes, and chase scenes. To give it that 1970’s crime jazz feel! Hopefully my attempt to paint a picture in your head paid off, because it was a fun/difficult process. I hope this mix makes you feel happy, scared, sad, and even a little RANDY BABY .”

Revenge ‘n’ B (Bitterness is a Virtue) by Rob Pursey

Southern Hospitality’s Rob Pursey has come up with a new RnB mix, themed on relationships that have gone sour, people scorned and general heartbreak. You know this is going to be good so get it on your Walkman.

It’s just reminded me of a request DJ Santero got a while back, which was: “Have you got a song for someone who’s with someone but wants to fuck someone else?”



Southern Hospitality’s Twelve 12s Vol 36: Howie Tee Special

Here’s a new mix I’ve done for Southern Hopsitality’s ongoing series of live, vinyl only mixes – Twelve 12s – focusing on the work  of hip hop producer Howie Tee, someone who doesn’t get mentioned among the greats as much as he should be.

Make sure to peep the rest of the series – good music throughout, the SH fan don’t put out any junk.



Headnodic – Funky Star Wars

May the 3rd be with you?


Originally from Headnodic’s blog

Lord Finesse – Blue Note State of Mind (New Blue Note Breaks Mix)

The legendary Lord Finesse has revisited the Blue Note back catalogue for his new mix CD (which you can buy here). Here’s some words from the Funkyman…

This is the 2nd installment of The Art Of Diggin’ Mix-CD series. In 1999 a series of collectable CDs was released called Diggin’ On Blue, which included me, Biz Markie, and Pete Rock. That CD is now a rare find and if you come across it, you’ll have to pay a nice penny! 

With that being said and a demand for the CD, I decided to revisit the Blue Note archive. While the majority enjoyed Diggin’ On Blue, some complained there was too much talking on the CD. This time around, like a classic motto for radio stations: “There’s more music & less talking”. The Blue Note State Of Mind mix features grooves, samples, and vintage classics from the Blue Note archive. If you enjoyed Diggin’ On Blue, this one should take you over the top.

This mix is for music lovers, collectors, obscure diggers, jazz lovers and fans of sampling. This is a compiled collective of the Blue Note catalogue.

Lord Finesse


Hudson’s House Breaks

Hudson's House Breaks

Here we go, a brand new mix from me. This one came about the other week when I saw A-Trak’s Top 10 Sample Flips over at egotrip. He puts a few house samples on it which planted the seed. From time to time I was thinking about it but I’ve had a couple of mixes that I wanted to do first. Then at the end of the week I was at All That Good Stuff where Keep It Soulful’s Scott and Peacey were playing and something they put on confirmed in my head that this mix needed to be done RIGHT NOW THIS MINUTE. So here it is – a selection of some decent records that have been sampled on house records. Enjoy yourselves.



  1. Think Twice (Prince Language Edit) –  Donald Byrd   [Armand Van Helden’s Flowerz]
  2. Comin` Apart – Gary Wright [Armand Van Helden’s My My My]
  3. Serious – Donna Allen [Strike’s U Sure Do]
  4. (If It) Hurts Just A Little – Donna Summer [Cassius’ 1999]
  5. Get On Up & Do It Again – Suzy Q
  6. Hold Tight – Change [Slum Village’s Hold Tight Remix]
  7. Release The Beast – Breakwater [Daft Punk’s Robot Rock]
  8. M.E. – Gary Numan [Basement Jaxx’s Where’s Your Head At]
  9. Super Sporm – Captain Sky [Bob Sinclar’s Super Disco Breaks]
  10. Zulu Nation Throwdown Pt. 2 – Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force [Bob Sinclar’s Super Disco Breaks]
  11. Fate (Todd Terje Edit) –  Chaka Khan [Stardust’s Music Sounds Better With You]
  12. Reach Up – Toney Lee [Phats & Small’s Turnaround]
  13. Home Is Where The Hatred Is (Live) – Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson [Kenlou’s Moonshine]
  14. Los Conquistodores Chocolates – Johnny ‘Hammond’ Smith [Lenny Fontana’s Chocolate Sensation]
  15. Far Beyond – Locksmith [Basement Jaxx’s Red Alert]
  16. Toy Box – Sylvia Striplin
  17. Clouds – Chaka Khan [DJ Sneak’s In Da Clouds]
  18. I Feel For You – Prince
  19. Spank (1980 Remix) – Jimmy Bo Horne [DJ Falcon’s First]
  20. Together Forever – eXodus [Royal House’s Yeah Buddy]
  21. Well, Have a Nice Day – King Errisson [Armand Van Helden’s NYC Beat]
  22. Get Up – Vernon Burch [Deee-Lite’s Groove Is In The Heart]
  23. Groovin You – Harvey Mason [Gusto’s Disco Revenge]
  24. Love Is You – Carol Williams [Spiller’s Groovejet]
  25. Chant No.1 – Spandau Ballet [Rui Da Silva’s Touch Me]
  26. Hot Shot – Karen Young [Daft Punk’s Indo Silver Club]
  27. Trinidad – John Gibbs And The US Steel Orchestra [Tori Amos’ Professional Widow Armand Van Helden Mix]
  28. Wear It Out – Stargard [Pete Heller’s Big Love]
  29. Dance With You (12 Version) – Carrie Lucas [Armand Van Helden’s U Don’t Know Me]
  30. I Love You More – George Duke [Daft Punk’s Digital Love]
  31. The Roof Is On Fire (Club DJ) – Rockmaster Scott & The Dynamic Three [Chemical Brothers’ Hey Boy Hey Girl]
  32. Crush On You (Extended Version) – The Jets [Alan Braxe & Fred Falke’s Intro]
  33. Street Player (Philadelphyinz Edit) – Chicago [Bucketheads’ The Bomb]
  34. Dancing In Outer Space – Atmosfear [Royal House’s Yeah Buddy]
  35. Opening/Can You Feel It (Live) – The Jacksons [Royal House’s Can You Party]
  36. Merengue – Bolivar [Basement Jaxx’s Bingo Bango]
  37. Celebration Suite – Airto [The Heartists’ Belo Horizonti]
  38. Just The Way You Are – Billy Joel [Daft Punk’s High Fidelity]
  39. Derek and Clive – Peter Cook & Dudley Moore [A Guy Called Gerald’s Voodoo Ray]
  40. Skein’s – Wynton Marsalis [Soho’s Hot Music]