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Used Volume 7 – Breaks mix by @iamfakeblood


New volume of USED breaks from Fake Blood! In his own words…

Here is the 7th edition in my USED series.
I said I’d stop at 6, but I couldn’t really do that, could I?

As with all the previous volumes, it’s 100% original pressings of old tracks sampled in classic Hip Hop tunes, loaded into Serato (to save them getting wrecked and cos many of them are super rare), and then cut up on 2 copies.


FB x


The Token Jazz Hour – Mixed by Bowls



Just the other day I on the look to see if there was anything new from Bowls as I’d not seen anything from him for a while. Then this new mix shows up that he’s done for Tucker and Bloom of jazz records sampled by Jay Dee and it’s a winner. This is another contender for mix of the year (there’s at least 1o contenders for the title so far).

Check out Tucker Bloom’s website to see Bowls words on the mix and check out his other mixes – all premium quality.

Southern Hospitality’s Twelve 12s: Motown Special

I did another live vinyl only mix for Southern Hospitality’s Twelve 12s series a few months ago, this time it’s an all Motown special with tracks from Diana Ross, Stevie, Marvin, Rick James and more. Check it out and the rest of the series, over 60 mixes of the best music – all live, all vinyl, all twelve inches!




WhoSampled x Wax Poetics: Souls of Mischief ’93 Til Infinity’ 20th Anniversary Mixtape

Once again Chris Read has come up with the goods with this mix breaking down Souls of Mischief’s debut long player 93 Til Infinity down to the originals. Check the WhoSampled blog for the full track list…

Also you can check this recording from 2002 of Souls of Mischief live at Off The Hook.

Souls of Mischief 20th Anniversary on Mixcloud


BAd BReaks – A Breaking Bad Mixtape by DJ BobaFatt

For any of you that are still feeling the void left by Breaking Bad finishing this week this might help…

From BobaFett’s Mixcloud:

Consisting of 96% pure BReaking BAd music.

*DO NOT listen to this mix until you’ve watched the whole thing. SPOILERS, bitch!*

2.5 hrs | 110 tracks

At least 96% of these tracks are taken from the soundtrack across the 5 seasons.
The music & samples are not chronological, but I tried to keep the story straight, and split into seasons (half hour each).
So it’s roughly 74% correct overall.

Credit due to Thomas Golubic & team for sourcing/syncing the music throughout the show & Dave Porter for his score.
Thanks to Vince, Bryan, Aaron & all for cooking up pure magic.

Big shout out to my creative consultant on this mix, DJ Inka Hero.
Props to DJ Mo Fingaz for the artwork.

FAO: AMC legal big wigs –
I cooked this because I love the programme, yo. I don’t profess to own shit. I asked Saul. He said this right here falls in the realms of “fair use”, in the realms of non-profit, personal and educational use (Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976).