House Hop – Gonorstein


It’s about time for a new mix from one of my all time favourite DJs, Gonorstein (if you don’t know, get to know). This time he goes into the zone of house related rap from the era when everyone put a house track on their album in the wake of Push It and I’ll House You. Props to Phil Martin on the artwork too…

1. Kool Rock Steady & Sundance – Aint No Stopping Hip House
2. King Sun – On the Club Tip
3. Seville – Keep Ya Movin
4. Lady Supreme – I’m That Type of Girl
5. Chill Rob Gee – Make It
6. Special Ed – Club Scene
7. KC Flight – Let’s Get Jazzy
8. The Break Boys – And The Break Goes On
9. Chuck Chill Out & Cool Chip- Rhythm Is The Master (Acapella)
10. Epmd – I’m Housin’ (White Noise mix)
11. Epmd – It’s Time To Party
12. Fingers Inc – Can You Feel It (Let The Rhythm Hit Em’ Acapella)
13. Black Rock & Ron – Black Rock & Ron (UK Mix Together Forever)
14. ATCQ – Footprints (Doc Brown Mix)
15. Double Jay – Bless The Funk
16. Nitro Deluxe – This Brutal House
17. Craig G – Turn This House
18. Jungle Wonz – Movin On’ (Acapella)
19. Edward Crosby & Singing DJ – Party Time Remix
20. The DOC – Portrait Of A Masterpiece (CJ Edit)
21. M & M – Get Off Your Butt
22. Adonis – No Way Back
23. Men At Work (Acapella)
24. JM Silk– Music Is the Key
25. Jamose – Megablast
26. Raw (Acapella)
27. Underground Solution – Love Dancin’
28. Longsy D – Ska
29. Open Up Your Mind (Acapella)
30. Doug E Fresh – Summertime
31. Masters at Work – Alright Alright


One response to “House Hop – Gonorstein

  1. props – to Hudson for giving me the inspiration with the House breaks and previous uptempo related..

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