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How High’s The Water Mama? (A tribute to De La Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising) – United States of Audio


Following on from Solid Steel Radio Show’s mix taking apart the Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique album here’s United States of Audio doing the same for what I consider it’s natutral companion – De La Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising. The following is from United States of Audio’s sound cloud page:

‘Several years in the making and including around 100 tracks, this is my personal tribute to De La Soul’s ‘3 Feet High and Rising’. Using original sample sources, album tracks, interviews and rarities, ‘How High’s The Water Mama’ tells the story of one of hip hop’s most influential albums.
When De La Soul’s debut album dropped in 1989 I was ten years old. Yet, by some stroke of amazing good fortune a cassette copy of ‘3 Feet High and Rising’ found its way into my hands thanks to my best mate’s older brother (though I’m pretty sure said brother had no idea of this fact!). The music was a revelation and had a significant influence in shaping my musical tastes – in fact I can’t think of any other album that has had such a profound effect on me as this one. Thus ‘3 Feet High and Rising’ holds a special place in my musical affections. Now, some twenty-five years after its original release, it’s time to pay my respect to Pos, Dove, Mase, and Prince Paul…’

The full tracklist is on the link below.



Twelve 12s Vol 56: DJ Hudson – Daft Punk Special

You can’t escape them right now… following on from the last post of Chris Read’s excellent samples mix, here’s a mix of Daft Punk remixes and rarities for Southern Hospitality’s always excellent live vinyl only mix Twelve 12s.

Shout out to Romanthony and Nilz at The Exchange.


Daft Punk: The Samples mixed by Chris Read

I like my house samples and Chris Read has knocked it out the park with this one for the website Who Sampled – a selection of the original source materials for some Daft Punk classics. Go to the Who Sampled site for the track by track breakdown. ENJOY!!


Filthy! – All 45 soul mix from Johnny Roast aka JP

This is good stuff – JP plays a selection of quality soul 45, similar to what he played a recent slot at Filthy Soul – a modern soul night in London. It’s as simple as that, but the selection is premium. Highly recommended!

LISTEN to FILTHY! on Mixcloud

I Can Tell By The Look In Your Eyes – Maze
Here we go again – Isley Brothers
Spoiled – Ben E. King
(I Can) Deal With That – Dee Edwards
Questions – Pat Stallworth
Main Squeeze – Nate Evans
Still A Part Of Me – The Minits
Booking up baby – The Topics
So in love with you – Wizdom
Ripe For the Picking – The Trumaines
A legend in his own mind – Gil Scott-Heron
Hollywood Dreamin – Father’s Children
Ordinary Joe – Terry Callier
The Way We Live – Raw Soul Express
Your Loves Got Me – Satin
Suddenly – TONY DRAKE
You Made a Believer Out of Me – Ruby Andrews
Magic Corner – Belita Woods
The time is right for love – Bobby Reed
Running back and forth – Edwin Starr
Breaking Out All Over – Lamont Dozier
It Only Happens (When I Look At You) – Jackie Wilson
Daylight – Georgie Fame

DJ Spin Doctor – Brakes Is High (De La Soul samples mix)


I’ve not put anything on this blog for a looooong time – apologies for the hiatus! Let’s get back into it with this mix from The Doctor’s Orders’ Spin Doctor going through De La Soul’s back catalogue and playing the original samples alongside on some break to the beat business. I’ve always fancied doing a De La breaks mix but now I don’t have to.

While we’re talking about De La Soul and samples check out Maseo on Twitter (@DeLaSoulsDugout) – on the last couple of Fridays Maseo and @whosampled play a game of #namethedelasample – good, clean, nerdy fun so get involved!