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DJ Marsellus Wallace – Soundtrack Pro

New mix from Marsellus Wallace – all Soundtracks… Marsellus explains the mix below:

“Yo yo what’s good out there? This is a mix that I have been working on for the better part of 8 months. Yeah, I take my sweet time. I guess those that follow my blog can vouch for that also ha! But this mix was different. You see, if you didn’t already know, I am a huge 70’s record soundtrack collector. That and library have always been a passion of mine. So, what I wanted to do was make a mix that had that feel to it, but also in the style of many hip hop mixes that had influenced me in the past. There were many tracks/ost’s that I wanted to put on here, but unfortunately the feeling was just not there while laying it down. It almost felt like I was arranging my own orchestra the more I got into it. That is why I added dialogue, action themes, and chase scenes. To give it that 1970’s crime jazz feel! Hopefully my attempt to paint a picture in your head paid off, because it was a fun/difficult process. I hope this mix makes you feel happy, scared, sad, and even a little RANDY BABY .”


SOUL SISTERS, STAND UP! – new mix from Skratch Bastid & The Gaff

Here’s a great new mix from Skratch Bastid and The Gaff – a load of hip hop breaks all from female soul records; Aretha, Diana Ross, Marlena Shaw, Ruby Andrews… loads. Expertly put together and a great listen… check both parts via Soundcloud below.

Two new mixes for All That Good Stuff @ATGSPANP

Every Saturday you can catch myself alongside Adam Mas, Scott Thompson and Peacey at a thing we call All That Good Stuff at Derby’s Pitcher & Piano. We play a whole bunch of disco, boogie, funk, soul, house and hip hop – like the name says all that good stuff. If you’re in the area it’s obviously the place to be.

If you’re not in the area though, don’t stress as you can still check out some mixes as we’ve gone on to Mixcloud – follow us on there – and we’ve kicked off with not one, but two mixes for your domepiece.

First off is the first hour of when I played recently – lots of good music (check the tracklist below)



I Love You More (Danny Krivit Edit)   – Rene & Angela
Make It Last Forever – Inner Life & Jocelyn Brown
Georgy Porgy – Charme
Forth & Back – Slum Village Ft. Kurupt
Staying Alive (Kon Edit) – Bee Gees
To Da Break Of Dawn – LL Cool J
Let Me Do It (Long Version) – Halo
Lovely Day (Nirobi Edit) –  Jill Scott
Luv Of My Life – DJ Quik
Jungle Booty – Chopp Master Flop
Catch The Beat  – T Ski Valley
Intimate Connection – Kleeer
rapper dapper snapper – Edwin Birdsong
Trippin’ At the Disco – People Under the Stairs                                                                  Everyman (Danny Krivit Edit) – Double Exposure
Say You Love Me Girl – Breakwater
Love Light In Flight (Onur Engin Edit) – Stevie Wonder                                                     Hey Mr. D.J. – Zhané

Second mix comes from Scott & Peacey – lots of gems on here, don’t sleep on this!


We’re going to be putting up stuff on Mixcloud and what not regularly so the best way to keep in the know is to follow us on Twitter – @ATGSPANP – do it!