Marc Mac (@marc4hero) – Dusty Disco Crates

A new mix of disco from 4Hero’s Marc Mac. Nothing else needs to be said – this is premium stuff.There’s a lot of serious drums on this for the b-boys… DUSTY.

I also recommend checking out Marc Mac’s latest Visioneers release – Hipology


I Like Funky Music – Uncle Louie
Music, Harmony And Rhythm -Brooklyn Dreams
Isabelle & The Rain – Jo Boyer
Under The Skin – The Brothers
Can You Get Down – Universe City
Hot Disco Night (Are You Ready?) – Sweet Potato Pie
You’ve Got The Power – Camouflage
Chimi- Sine
Dancin – Grey & Hanks
So In Tune With You – Kellee Patterson
Cocomotion – El Coco
Disco Party – The Escorts
Think Fast – Pamela Joy
Super Sporm – Captain Sky
Let’s Dance – Pleasure
I Can’t Stop – John Davis & Tmo
Oh Yeah – The Jackson Two

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