4Hero’s Marc Mac – In The Library Podcast

I was doing a bit of iTunes admin the other day and noticed there was a new episode of Marc Mac’s podcast focusing on Library music… sensational.

If you haven’t already sign up for Marc’s podcast, I suggest you do so (I may have mentioned it before). Previous episodes have been specials on arrangers like Charles Stepney, Richard Evans, Gene Page and there’s been some really good soul mixes. They’re all here: Marc Mac Podcast

Below is what Marc’s got to say about it:

“Ok Chill… kicking off 2012 with a trip to the library. A little mix dedicated to the many great library labels, musicians and composers; Alan Hawkshaw, Keith Mansfield, Alan Parker, Sammy Burdson, De Wolfe, KPM, Sylvester, Conroy Music to name a few. There’s 1000’s of good lib records worldwide but I would probably have to say that my faves came from London in the 60’s & 70’s and I think it has a lot to do with the cool production studios in the UK during that time. Funny, as a kid watching UK Tv in the 70’s & 80’s funky grooves always popped on programs even the news & sports programs, I’m pretty sure the musicians would have listened to whatever was cool in the US at the time (Stevie, Herbie and Quincy Jones) then vibed off the influence.
Of course library music has become a big and important part of Hip-hop and Beatmaking with producers and DJ’s parting with plenty cash and traveling far and wide for a dope track, drum break or sample buried in tons of cheesy wackness. PEACE.”


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