Softly Shafted – 80s Boogie mix by Hott Hobo

Here’s a mix that I saw over on the Beat Electric blog that’s worth checking out (and here’s what they say about it):

Here is a special guest mix by our friend Randy Hotthobo Ellis, we hope you enjoy it. He used to run a night here in San Francisco called Grow Up. The name was a tongue in cheek poke at Blow Up, a dance party for barely post pubescent kids who wear neon. Grow Up was an adult party for well mannered boogie fiends. Randy also co-owns Voltare Records, a label specializing in new tunes in the electro, boogie, and kraut vein; check it out.

1. Junei – Let’s Ride (Pharoahs)
2. First Love – It’s A Mystery To Me (Chycago International Music)
3. Kadenza – Let’s Do It (PRT)
4. Geno Jordan – You’re A Peachtree Freak On A Peachtree Street Part III (PPU)
5. Ocie III – Return On Love (Chycago International Music/Boogie Times)
6. Jady Kurrent Band – Standing There (Starstream)
7. Silk, Satin & Lace – Always (Sunrise Productions)
8. Dr. Togo – Be Free (Derby)
9. Gianni Riso – Disco Shy (Goody Music)
10. Advance – Take It To The Top (X Energy)
11. Delegation – Darlin’ I Think About You (Ariola)
12. Jewel – Paradise (Lotus Land)
13. J Parker Band – Live Lady (Tenya)
14. Ish – Don’t Stop (TK Disco)
15. Tom Hooker – Talk With Your Body (Fulltime)
16. Evo – Din Don (Cultura & Musica)
17. Fonzi Thornton – Beverly (RCA)
18. Alfreda James & Billy Ray – Back To Love (Rappers Rapp Disco Co)
19. Windjammer – I Thought It Was You (MCA)
20. Toney Lee – Love So Deep (Instrumental) (Radar)
21. Wind Chymes – Baby Your The One (Lotus Land)



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