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Lord Finesse – Blue Note State of Mind (New Blue Note Breaks Mix)

The legendary Lord Finesse has revisited the Blue Note back catalogue for his new mix CD (which you can buy here). Here’s some words from the Funkyman…

This is the 2nd installment of The Art Of Diggin’ Mix-CD series. In 1999 a series of collectable CDs was released called Diggin’ On Blue, which included me, Biz Markie, and Pete Rock. That CD is now a rare find and if you come across it, you’ll have to pay a nice penny! 

With that being said and a demand for the CD, I decided to revisit the Blue Note archive. While the majority enjoyed Diggin’ On Blue, some complained there was too much talking on the CD. This time around, like a classic motto for radio stations: “There’s more music & less talking”. The Blue Note State Of Mind mix features grooves, samples, and vintage classics from the Blue Note archive. If you enjoyed Diggin’ On Blue, this one should take you over the top.

This mix is for music lovers, collectors, obscure diggers, jazz lovers and fans of sampling. This is a compiled collective of the Blue Note catalogue.

Lord Finesse



4Hero’s Marc Mac – In The Library Podcast

I was doing a bit of iTunes admin the other day and noticed there was a new episode of Marc Mac’s podcast focusing on Library music… sensational.

If you haven’t already sign up for Marc’s podcast, I suggest you do so (I may have mentioned it before). Previous episodes have been specials on arrangers like Charles Stepney, Richard Evans, Gene Page and there’s been some really good soul mixes. They’re all here: Marc Mac Podcast

Below is what Marc’s got to say about it:

“Ok Chill… kicking off 2012 with a trip to the library. A little mix dedicated to the many great library labels, musicians and composers; Alan Hawkshaw, Keith Mansfield, Alan Parker, Sammy Burdson, De Wolfe, KPM, Sylvester, Conroy Music to name a few. There’s 1000’s of good lib records worldwide but I would probably have to say that my faves came from London in the 60’s & 70’s and I think it has a lot to do with the cool production studios in the UK during that time. Funny, as a kid watching UK Tv in the 70’s & 80’s funky grooves always popped on programs even the news & sports programs, I’m pretty sure the musicians would have listened to whatever was cool in the US at the time (Stevie, Herbie and Quincy Jones) then vibed off the influence.
Of course library music has become a big and important part of Hip-hop and Beatmaking with producers and DJ’s parting with plenty cash and traveling far and wide for a dope track, drum break or sample buried in tons of cheesy wackness. PEACE.”


Ill Behaviour Radio – Interviews with Donald D and DJ Format

Ice T and Donald D

Earlier this year Beatmaster Wright’s Ill Behaviour Radio show had Donald D as a special guest and talked about his career, touching on the Zulu Beat radio show with Afrika Islam, The B Boys with Chuck Chillout, being with the Rhyme Syndicate with Ice T, Hijack and Everlast and lots more.


Also, Beatmaster has had an interview with DJ Format talking about his latest LP, Statement of Intent and his other projects.


The Ill Behaviour Radio show has now moved to New Zealand’s Base FM so follow Beatmaster on Twitter to find out when he’s on if you’re in Auckland or tune in online.

Softly Shafted – 80s Boogie mix by Hott Hobo

Here’s a mix that I saw over on the Beat Electric blog that’s worth checking out (and here’s what they say about it):

Here is a special guest mix by our friend Randy Hotthobo Ellis, we hope you enjoy it. He used to run a night here in San Francisco called Grow Up. The name was a tongue in cheek poke at Blow Up, a dance party for barely post pubescent kids who wear neon. Grow Up was an adult party for well mannered boogie fiends. Randy also co-owns Voltare Records, a label specializing in new tunes in the electro, boogie, and kraut vein; check it out.

1. Junei – Let’s Ride (Pharoahs)
2. First Love – It’s A Mystery To Me (Chycago International Music)
3. Kadenza – Let’s Do It (PRT)
4. Geno Jordan – You’re A Peachtree Freak On A Peachtree Street Part III (PPU)
5. Ocie III – Return On Love (Chycago International Music/Boogie Times)
6. Jady Kurrent Band – Standing There (Starstream)
7. Silk, Satin & Lace – Always (Sunrise Productions)
8. Dr. Togo – Be Free (Derby)
9. Gianni Riso – Disco Shy (Goody Music)
10. Advance – Take It To The Top (X Energy)
11. Delegation – Darlin’ I Think About You (Ariola)
12. Jewel – Paradise (Lotus Land)
13. J Parker Band – Live Lady (Tenya)
14. Ish – Don’t Stop (TK Disco)
15. Tom Hooker – Talk With Your Body (Fulltime)
16. Evo – Din Don (Cultura & Musica)
17. Fonzi Thornton – Beverly (RCA)
18. Alfreda James & Billy Ray – Back To Love (Rappers Rapp Disco Co)
19. Windjammer – I Thought It Was You (MCA)
20. Toney Lee – Love So Deep (Instrumental) (Radar)
21. Wind Chymes – Baby Your The One (Lotus Land)