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WWHD’s favourite mixes of 2011

Happy new year. I hope you’re not feeling too tender if you were out partying last night. There’s been plenty of good mixes and podcasts over the last 12 months – here’s a few of that are worth a listen if you haven’t already (click on the titles to get the mix).

No ID On The Track… – Rob Pursey and Superix

Southern Hospitality have put out a lot of strong mixes in 2011 (check out basically everything on their site) and this overview of productions from No I.D has been my favourite of the lot, covering the range of his career from the 90s Common Sense and his own Black Album era up to the current stuff.

Used Vols 1 – 6 – Fake Blood

Fake Blood presents a series of breaks tapes that play like a history of hip hop without using any hip hop records. All originals pressings – no comps, mp3s and all that. Impressive stuff.

Black Magic – Big Jacks

Grand Groove DJs Big Jacks put together an excellent mix of smooth 80s soul – some stuff you may be familiar with and some you might not but all incredible music.

Graduation Special – Gonorstein

A new Gonorstein mix is always a time for celebration and this year he put this mix of hip hop from his school days. As with all his mixes the selection is premium.

J Rocc’s Stussy Japan mix

J Rocc put this mix together for Stussy to promote his debut album for Stones Throw and unsurprisingly it’s ridiculous. All sorts of stuff on here – Bobby McFerrin, Eugene McDaniels, The Four Tops, Mike James Kirkland… serious stuff. Also worth checking out is J Rocc’s and Spinna’s 90s mixes. One does hip hop and the other does R&B. Pipomixes has got links for them.

You Been Doin All This Dope Producin’ (Dre Day 2011 Mix) – Mike 2600

This is the official mix for Dre Day 2011, which is a party to celebrate Andre Young’s birthday but on by Burlesque Design. Mike 2600 has put together a mix which focuses on the source material for Dre’s hits.

Breakin Bread Podcast’s Best of 2011

Breakin Bread’s end of year radio show highlighting the gems from the previous 12 months is always a treat for December. Skeg, Steve the Sleeve and J-Squared make some choice selections of hip hop, funk, soul and more over 2 hours. Make sure to check out their monthly podcasts throughout the year – you can subscribe through iTunes or check them out on Mixcloud.

Flyte Tyme Vol 1 – Sparkle Motion

Sparkle Motion (Tobes and DJ Yoda) present a best of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis productions – SOS Band, Janet, Alexander O’Neal. Hot. Yoda also did a best of LL Cool J mix that was really good but I can’t find an active link for that.

Matthew Africa – 2 Busy Sayin Yeah Podcast

There’s not one particular episode of DJ Matthew Africa’s podcast that I’m recommending but just subscribe – every show is excellent and he covers all types of music – new raps, old raps, disco, soul… it’s all about the good music.

Love Break 3 – Cosmo Baker

Cosmo Baker does another volume of sweet soul that’s unmissable. Check out Cosmo’s Top 10 mixes that he does every month (and he’s done a best of 2011 too).

Diamond D’s Live 45s at On The Real, London

Here’s a live recording of Diamond D playing 45s of classic breaks at London’s On The Real night. I could easily listen to this every day.

Fred Fades – Still Chillin’

Lastly, a digging mix from Fred Fades of all sorts of records. There’s a lot of stuff on here I’m not familiar with. I recommend checking out his other mixes on his Soundcloud.

I’ll sign off with thanking everyone who’s checked out my mixes and to all the sites that have shared them about – it’s much appreciated. I’ve got a couple of mixes planned for 2012 so keep checking back on here and if you’re on the twitter follow me – I’m @@maxtoiletmaxtoilet.