The complete Season’s Beatings saga and live radio show on @demonfm

Feliz Navidad. On Wednesday I’m doing a live mix of Christmas favourites from the Season’s Beatings and stuff that didn’t make it onto the mixes on Beatmaster Wright’s Ill Behaviour show on Leicester’s Demon FM on Wednesday 21 December at 10pm. If you’re in Leicester you can tune in to 107.5FM – for everyone else you can listen online live (click on the ‘listen live’ button)

Also, all four volumes of SB are now on Mixcloud (I think they’ve got download links on them if you want to play them offline but if not *cough*…):





Thank you to everyone who’s helped us put these mixes together and spread the word. Shout out to Dave H who did the artwork and also did the first volume with us, shout out to Gidge and the rest of the Off The Hook friends and family, nice one Glenn for making that first one sound tip top, thanks to Boombox Distribution and Breakin Bread crew for spreading it worldwide, thanks to Dan Greenpeace for playing them in their entirety on the All City Show on XFM every Xmas Eve, also other radio thanks to DJ Food at Solid Steel and Mr Trick at Turntable Radio.

Thanks to all the magazines, newspapers, message boards and websites that reviewed it, Hip Hop Connection (The DJ Yoda reviews were often quoted), Canadian Vogue magazine, Metro newspaper, Spine Magazine,, Digital Vertigo, Skratchworx, Stones Throw MB and any others that I can’t remember right now. Thanks to everyone who helped us get drops for the first one (nice one Matt for the Keith Harris hook up) and to everyone who used to send us suggestions for future volumes – very, very helpful. Lastly thanks to everyone who’s bought or downloaded them,  put them on their FB, or retweeted about it or just actually tells someone about them. It’s much appreciated.

3 responses to “The complete Season’s Beatings saga and live radio show on @demonfm

  1. Lol… forgot about Canadian Vogue….

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