A look back at some Sylvia Robinson related classics…

With the news of Sylvia’s passing this week it got me thinking of some of the records with breaks that came out on the labels she co-ran, so here’s some videos of the ones I can think of from the top of the head.

Who used this one? Was it Mobb Deep?

The new ‘New York, New York’?

Used on an early Warp records classic

One from Sylvia herself – ‘all day banging like a…’ etc.

…and the Last Donut.

Great record and I think Ashley Beedle used it in the early 90s

My favourite track from Late Registration

After Hours… (I could only find the Ugly Edits version (which is v nice) but the sample comes in around 3:30

This has been used on 9th’s new album

I don’t think this has been used but it was a massive hit in the UK and the best record I know on All Platinum. The video below is the normal version but here’s an alternative from Top of The Pops with the BBC orchestra.

I’m Swayze.

Best use of Rapper’s Delight?

You’ll also here Rapper’s Delight somewhere in this too

Last one from Sylvia:


2 responses to “A look back at some Sylvia Robinson related classics…

  1. Kam sampled Sexy mama for his joint “Still got love for um!”

  2. That moments TOTP performance deserves to be in the TOTP Top 10 all time alongside Fools Gold, David Gedge & Carl Douglas – Epic!

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