Fred Fades – Still Chillin

Another good mix for you all here – I’ll let Fred tell you about it:

Yet another diggintape from me. Fresh for the summer of 2K11.. This mix contains a bunch of different musical styles, and the records comes from all around the world. India, Brazil, UK, France, Norway, USA, Japan, Belgium, Spain, Turkey, Czech, Carribean & Canada. Mostly downtempo/mellow raregroove type stuff.

Dig it.

Some of them are sped up, some of them are edited down a little bit, just cause I like it that way. I’ve also added a little percussion + synthesizers to a couple of them.

Email me if you wanna know the name of a couple of tunes:
Fredfades on Facebook or fredfades at gmail dot com…


3 responses to “Fred Fades – Still Chillin

  1. this is excellent….a tried and tested concept that sounds fresh & new… 5 mics!

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