The Left Rev Mc D. – Songs that sample ‘Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse’

Eugene McDaniels’ 1971 album ‘Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse’ is one of my all time favourite favourites. I won’t go into details on it as Cosmo Baker does a pretty good job in this write up. As well as it being an excellent record it’s also been sampled pretty heavily so as we lost Eugene this week I did a quick mix this afternoon of all the records I can think of that have used it as a tribute. Are there any others that I left out? Let me know.

That’s not an original copy of Headless Heroes in that photo. I used to have a shady bootleg of the album that had half the instruments missing but I replaced that with the official repress from about 10 years ago.

There’s a reference to grandmothers on two of the records so I’ll dedicate this in loving memory to my grandmother Estella.

  • ATCQ – People’s Instinctive interlude
  • Organized Konfusion – Black Sunday
  • Gravediggaz – Nowhere To Run
  • De La Soul – Having a Ball (that Jagger the Dagger loop is pretty relentless…)
  • The Beatnuts – Third of The Trio
  • Quasimoto – Return of the Loop Digga
  • Headless Heroes
  • Beastie Boys – Get It Together (Buckwild Remix)
  • Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Soul Brother #1
  • Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Act Like You Know
  • Krispy 3 – Pop Like Bubblegum
  • Eric B & Rakim – Pass The Hand Grenade
  • Cherrystones (This isn’t on HHotA, it’s from the album before but I like it so it went on. Also, I’m playing this at +8 as that what’s speed it’s at on a Ken Sport tape I used to listen to that a lot)

3 responses to “The Left Rev Mc D. – Songs that sample ‘Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse’

  1. MAN. I’m speechless, seriously, this is so good it’s against the law! BIG UP. Perfect playlist, hands down. Been bumping this for a week straight

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