DJ Hudson: Wild Bunch Sound – Massive Attack Samples (1988-98)

It seems like it’s been a little while since I’ve put one of my own proper mixes up (I think the last one was the soul mix I did last year). This is a collection of records sampled or covered by Massive Attack from their first three LPs and the singles of that time. Shout out to Tony Hosey who used to bring all the Massive Attack records round to my house way back when.



  1. You Know, You Know – Mahvishnu Orchestra (One Love – Blue Lines)
  2. Isaac Hayes – Ike’s Mood I (One Love – Blue Lines)
  3. So Glad You’re Mine – Al Green (FIve Man Army – Blue Lines)
  4. Five Man Army Dub (Five Man Army – Blue Lines)
  5. Les McCann – Sometimes I Cry (Teardrop – Mezzanine)
  6. James Brown – Never Can Say Goodbye (Better Things – Protection)
  7. En Melody – Serge Gainsbourg (Karmacoma [Portishead Experience])
  8. Funkadelic – Good Old Music (Safe From Harm – Blue Lines)
  9. Led Zeppelin – When The Levee Breaks (Man Next Door – Mezzanine)
  10. Quincy Jones – Summer In The City (Exchange – Mezzanine)
  11. Man Next Door – John Holt (Man Next Door – Mezzanine)
  12. Lowrell – Mellow Mellow (Lately – Blue Lines)
  13. Pieces of a Dream (Weather Storm – Protection)
  14. Isaac Hayes – Joy (Lately – Blue Lines)
  15. Billy Cobham – Stratus (Safe From Harm – Blue Lines)
  16. James Brown – The Payback (Protection)
  17. Be Thankful (Be Thankful – Blue Lines)
  18. Sade – Siempre Hay Esperanza (Be Thankful – Blue Lines)
  19. Mambo – Wally Badarou (Daydreaming – Blue Lines)
  20. Tom Scott – Sneakin In The Back (Blue Lines)
  21. Do the Funky Penguin – Rufus Thomas (Any Love)
  22. Blind Alley – The Emotions (Any Love Remix)
  23. Funk You Up – The Sequence (Any Love)
  24. Daisy Lady (Any Love)
  25. Planetary Citizen – Mahvishnu Orchestra (Unfinished Sympathy – Blue Lines)
  26. Rock Creek Park – The Blackbyrds (Blue Lines)
  27. JJ Johnson – Parade Strutt (Unfinished Sympathy – Blue Lines)
  28. Young-Holt Unlimited – Light My Fire (Light My Fire – Protection)
  29. Isaac Hayes – Our Day Will Come (Exchange – Mezzanine)

15 responses to “DJ Hudson: Wild Bunch Sound – Massive Attack Samples (1988-98)

  1. Hey there – this is a fantastic mix, loving the blog too!

  2. this mix is soooo dope!!

  3. More and more Hudson heat!

  4. Art Vanderlay

    love this mix . peace.

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    Hudson’s Massive Attack Sample mix

  13. the best mix dj in youtube israel music

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