Criminal Slang (Tribute To Big L Mix) by Grand Groove DJs

The Grand Groove DJs, Big Jacks and Royale have put together this mix of Big L’s finest.



Little Richard – rill thing
Lord Finesse feat. Big L- Yes you may (remix)
Big L – put it on
D.I.T.C – the enemy
Children of the Corn – american dream
Big L – holdin’ it down
Big L – mvp
Big L – street struck
Comments from Big L
James Gilstrap – move me
Big L – flamboyant
D.I.T.C – internationally known
O.C feat. Big L – dangerous
D.I.T.C – way of life
N.O.T.S Click feat. Big L – way of life (GG blend)
Joe Thomas – polarizer
Big L – the heist
98 freestyle (pt. 1)
Showbiz & A.G. feat. Big L – represent
Big L – devil’s son
Big L – danger zone
98 freestyle (pt. 2)
Big L – platinum plus
D.I.T.C – thick
Big L – the heist
D.I.T.C – day one
Oliver Sain – on the hill
Big L – platinum plus intro
Big L – ebonics/dj premier remix
Bonus: 95 freestyle feat. Jay-Z

Courtesy of Grand Groove

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