Breakin’ Bread’s Best of 2010 Podcast

I like lists, especially end of year lists and one I look forward to checking out is the Breakin Bread Show‘s end of year special. Skeg, Steve The Sleeve and J-Squared select the best hip hop, funk, soul, disco and lots more from what’s been a very good year for music. As ever with the Breakin Bread crew, the selection is wide and varied including Aloe Blacc, Joyce, Rick Ross, Virgil Howe, Janelle Monae, The Hollies, Roc Marciano… all sorts of stuff – but one thing I’ve got to say (in the style of that funny looking 80s dude with the big nose) – WOT, NO KANYE?



One response to “Breakin’ Bread’s Best of 2010 Podcast

  1. You are more than justified with your what “Wot no Kanye” statement…. as you know Breakin Bread tries to cover more of the material that the other best of’s don’t and I’m sure that (justifiably so) Kanye will top most of them… with a longer show could have played ten Dark Twisted fantasy / GOOD Friday’s joints…. it just wasn’t too be….but to check out this podcast and go away with the opinion that there were 50 better tracks made in 2010 than those made by Yay would be wrong..

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