Martin Brew – Nooks & Crannies

Here’s a nice selection from Friends and Family resident and Fat City alumni Martin Brew. Interestingly for me there’s a track from a group called Black Gorilla that my uncle was in. The track on here was the b-side for the one hit wonder novelty record from the late 70s. I vaguely remember them being on Top of The Pops when it was in the charts. I should probably ask my uncle more about it.



Rachel Sweet: It’s So Different Here
Black Gorilla: Funky Jungle
Parlour: Sov Med Mig
Superhuman Happiness: Human Happiness
Parlour: The City
The Fresh-Up Players: Race Relations
Psychemagik: Tokyo Takedown
Seahawks: Sneaking Past The Fleet
DJ Steef: Black Savates
Clea: Download It
The Rolling Stones: Heaven
Haircut 100: Evil Smokestacking Baby

One response to “Martin Brew – Nooks & Crannies

  1. Black Gorilla?Sounds fairly conscious

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