Too Slow To Disco by DJ Supermarkt (70s softrock/AOR mix)

I’ve been put on to this mix from Berlin’s DJ Supermarkt of mid-70s AOR/MOR and had to share it on here. The selection gives the vibe of being on a West Coast road trip while locked into some nice sounds on the FM dial. Loving the old radio jingles and drops too. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS.



1. intro
2. ned doheny – give it up for love
3. alessi brothers – do you feel it
–commercial break with frank zappa
4. vapour trails – do the bossa nova
5. david batteau – spaceship earth
6. rupert holmes – deco lady
7. ben sidran – hi-fly
8. john s. hall & kramer – garbage party
9. the attitudes – sweet summer music
10. sanford & townsend band – does it have to be you (dj supermarkt edit)
11. intro side 2 with gilbert o’sullivan
12. rickie lee jones – chuck e.’s in love
13. georgie fame – ho ho ho
14. carole king – bitter with the sweet
15. michael nesmith – capsule
–commercial break: levi’s with jefferson airplane
16. valerie carter – crazy
–commercial break: wysocki college with spliff
17. ali thomson – take a little rhythm
18. paul davis – too slow to disco
19. outro: monkees – zilch


4 responses to “Too Slow To Disco by DJ Supermarkt (70s softrock/AOR mix)

  1. a crackin mix, it really is… but the radio ads are a real miss…. remove these and this is a 10/10!!

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  3. could you please get the download back working?

  4. How’d you feel bout a re-up?

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