DJ Hudson “Family First” Smooth and mellow soul selection

A new mix focusing on mellow, laidback soul from way back when. There’s not much else to say really – download, put it on and kick back with a brew (or even two).

One of these days I’ll do a mix only using music from this century, I promise.


  1. Try Love Again – Natural Four
  2. 90% of Me Is You – Vanessa Kendrick
  3. Trying To Get Next To You – Arnold Blair
  4. Here I Go Again – Jean Plum
  5. Lovely Lady – Vernon Burch
  6. Shake It Up – The Vibrations
  7. Here Comes The Sun – Eugene Record
  8. I Don’t Know – Leon Ware & Syreeta
  9. Superpeople – The Notations
  10. If Only I Could Prove To You – The 3 Pieces
  11. Look What You’ve Done For Me – Al Green
  12. Now The Bitter, Now The Sweet – The Supremes
  13. Hollywood Dreaming – Father’s Children
  14. We Had a Love So Strong – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
  15. Mr Welfare Man – Gladys Knight & The Pips
  16. A Piece of The Action – Mavis Staples
  17. Rainbow On The Ground – Creative Source
  18. Freaky (To You) Pt 1 – Sweet Stuff
  19. Harvest For The World (Prelude) – The Isley Bros.
  20. What You See Is What You Get – The Dramatics
  21. Can’t Hide Love – Isaac Hayes & Dionne Warwick

DOWNLOAD “Family First” Soul Selection

You can also listen to this on Mixcloud by clicking the link below:

4 responses to “DJ Hudson “Family First” Smooth and mellow soul selection

  1. Hi there cannot dowload any of the mixes on your site as mediafire wont upload. Can you help please.

  2. Amazing mix : as I said on mixcloud, this is a really really nice work you’ve done. Thanks ! H.

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