Gidge – 45 Minutes of 45s Mix

Gidge. Five letters. One consonant. The Off The Hook stalwart and flame haired, Wales dwelling, party rocker presents a live mix of seven inch singles. This goes through all sorts of music while providing entertainment for the whole family. If you get the opportunity to go to a place where Gidge is playing, take it – you’ll most likely to find him spinning somewhere in Cardiff.


1. Joe Strummer – The Harder They Come
2. Amy Winehouse – Your Wondering Now
3. Rico Rodriguez – L.O.V.E
4. Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra – Minnie The Moocher
5. Shocking Blue – Venus
6. Beck – The New Pollution
7. When the B-bys meets the Boogaloo!! – Le Hipe Hope (Mr Tour Eifell vs Wu Tang Clan)
8. Pacific Eardrum – Man Of Mystery
9. California Flight Project – California Flight
10. Midnight Star – Midas Touch
11. Idris Muhammad – Boogie To The Top (Look Up Part 2)
12. Players Association – I Like It
13. The Bamboos present Kylie Auldist – Community Service Announcement
14. Bob And Earl – Harlem Shuffle
15. Otis Lee – Hard Row To Hoe

2 responses to “Gidge – 45 Minutes of 45s Mix

  1. Re: the question “What would Hudson do?”, is the answer “Your Mom”?


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