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The Off The Hook Archives – People Under The Stairs Live

PUTS flyer

Here’s another live set from the OTH archives, this time from People Under The Stairs from November 2000. This was on during their tour on the back of their second album Question In Form Of An Answer. I’ve taken this from a promo cassette that was given out at one of the nights.


The Off The Hook Archives – DJ Cash Money & Kela from 1st Birthday, 2001

Here’s a couple of clips that’s been found on Youtube from Off The Hook’s 1st Birthday all dayer event at a club called Union One in Derby, UK. Props to MrKD for putting these up.

DJ Cash Money (and that’s Cappo at the start of the clip)

Killa Kela

The Off The Hook Archives – Souls Of Mischief Live 2002

Here’s a recording from March 2002 of Souls of Mischief live at Off The Hook at Union One, Derby. The Hieroglyphics crew do a lot of effing and jeffing so I would advise not to play this in front of the chirren.


The Off The Hook Archives – DJ Plus One & Rodney P, March 2001

In 2000 J-Squared, Dave H and Gidge started a hip hop and funk night in Derby which played host to plenty of underground acts and DJ’s from the UK and US such as DJ Cash Money, Scratch Perverts, Jeru The Damaja, The P Brothers, People Under The Stairs, The New Mastersounds and a whole lot more. Have a look at the flyers on Flickr.

Seeing as it’s been 10 years this month since Off The Hook started I thought I’d share some stuff from the OTH archives. On this one, we’ve got Rodney P and DJ Plus One, with a good party hip hop set, making a last minute appearance. I’m not sure who’s on the mic during the first bit of Plus One’s set getting him to do rewinds and all that but it sounds like Brian from The Cronxxx.

Stay tuned for more Off The Hook related posts throughout the week.

Download Part 1 – Plus One

Download Part 2 – Rodney P

Download Part 3 – Plus One – Second set

J-Squared & Hudson: The Indoor League

This is the second mix CD from myself and J-Squared from 2002 which continued the combination of underground and classic hip hop peppered with random breaks. I’ve had a few people requesting this so here it is. Enjoy yourselves.



  1. Intro
  2. How Nice I Am – World Reknown
  3. Hitman For Hire – Mark B & Blade
  4. All For The Cash – Smif N Wessun
  5. Here Comes The Lords – Lords of the Underground
  6. Rapperfection – Edan
  7. What The Ancients Say – Lewis Parker
  8. Born 2 Live – O.C.
  9. The Trials of Life – Gutter Snypes
  10. Rakin’ In The Dough – Zhigge
  11. Top 10 List – Masta Ace
  12. Reststop Sweetheart – Time Machine
  13. Freestyle – Arro from Minature Heroes
  14. 1, 2 Pass It – D & D Allstars
  15. ‘Lakeside’ Breaks
  16. Get Wise ’91 – Mr Lif & Edan
  17. Showstopper – The P Brothers with Mr. 45
  18. U Never Know… – Dream Warriors
  19. It Takes Tea – Pitman
  20. ‘Trueman’ Breaks
  21. Freestyle – Lazy from Minature Heroes
  22. Break It Down – Jazzy Jeff & J-Live
  23. Alcoholic Author (Instrumental) – Jehst
  24. The Hook – Dutchmassive
  25. The Rebel – Tragedy
  26. Mad-Izm – Channel Live with KRS ONE
  27. The Mad Wunz – Masta Ace Inc.
  28. On & On (Premier Remix) – Shyheim
  29. Best Kept Secret (DJ Mark The 45 King Mix) – Diamond D
  30. Supa Star – Group Home
  31. Superstars!
  32. Ghetto Celeb – YG’z
  33. Crush – Big Shug
  34. Funky Alcohol – 3:6 Philly
  35. The Rap World – Pete Rock & Large Professor
  36. Ya Mouth Stink – Lord Sear
  37. High Plains Drifter – Jehst
  38. ‘Over The Top’ Breaks
  39. Tubby Dwyck
  40. Acoustic Alcohol
  41. Outro

DJ Gonorstein: The Crate Snake

Here is a classic mix CD that was released in 2001 from DJ Gonorstein, showcasing a collection of late 80s hip hop, funk, disco and more. There’s no tracklisting for this but it includes tracks from 45 King & Latee, Average White Band, BB King, MC Bam Bam and lots more. This is one of my all time favourites. Make sure to check out Gonorstein’s blog linked below as he’s got plenty of mixes on there that are strictly on the connoisseur tip – all highly recommended.


From Gonorstein’s In The Wix