The Hippest Trip in America (Soul Train documentary)


Update:  Megaupload has been fayedunawayed here’s the Soul Train doc on Youtube. The video below has been removed but if you click here you can still check it in segments…

Don Cornelius: Gamechanger. RIP.

Here’s a really good VH1 doc on Don Cornelius’ Soul Train with lots of talking head interviews with Cornelius, Chaka Khan, Eddie Levert, Aretha Franklin and Nelson George (every documentary on black music must have input from Nelson George, it’s the law) as well as some fantastic archive footage. Recommended viewing! I don’t think I got that across properly so I’m going to have to go all caps – RECOMMENDED VIEWING.

Also, a Time Life 9-DVD box set of Soul Train episodes has just come out too which looks tip top.

Part 1

Part 2

(download both parts before you unrar)

The only chance we got to see Soul Train in Britain was via the mid 80s UK version that was hosted by Jeffrey Daniel from Shalamar. The music that was on it was the soul stuff at the time like Aurra, Light of The World -basically the boogie stuff that people are feeling now, as well as clips from the 70s shows. I’ve got three video tapes of this series somewhere – if I ever get the time to figure out how to convert those into the digital then I’ll share it with you. In the meantime here’s a clip of the SOS Band doing The Finest on 620 Soul Train from Channel 4.

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  1. that train i called it the soul train

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