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An illustration for Seinfeld nerds

I’ve just seen this via @chrispetescia on Twitter – a Seinfeld illustration. Click here to have a look and click here to see the reference list. Very impressive.

I had quick look around around the site (it’s called You Fail and it’s a collection of design work by Kiersten Essenpreis)  those illustrations are on and I like these pics of He-Man getting his bowl cut refreshed and Skeletor at the dentist.

The Hippest Trip in America (Soul Train documentary)


Update:  Megaupload has been fayedunawayed here’s the Soul Train doc on Youtube. The video below has been removed but if you click here you can still check it in segments…

Don Cornelius: Gamechanger. RIP.

Here’s a really good VH1 doc on Don Cornelius’ Soul Train with lots of talking head interviews with Cornelius, Chaka Khan, Eddie Levert, Aretha Franklin and Nelson George (every documentary on black music must have input from Nelson George, it’s the law) as well as some fantastic archive footage. Recommended viewing! I don’t think I got that across properly so I’m going to have to go all caps – RECOMMENDED VIEWING.

Also, a Time Life 9-DVD box set of Soul Train episodes has just come out too which looks tip top.

Part 1

Part 2

(download both parts before you unrar)

The only chance we got to see Soul Train in Britain was via the mid 80s UK version that was hosted by Jeffrey Daniel from Shalamar. The music that was on it was the soul stuff at the time like Aurra, Light of The World -basically the boogie stuff that people are feeling now, as well as clips from the 70s shows. I’ve got three video tapes of this series somewhere – if I ever get the time to figure out how to convert those into the digital then I’ll share it with you. In the meantime here’s a clip of the SOS Band doing The Finest on 620 Soul Train from Channel 4.

Hudson plays songs the young kids enjoy (Live at Gatecrasher)

I’ve been playing the VIP room at Gatecrasher for a little bit and here’s a bit of a recording from there. It actually went really well but I went away with Roger Murtaugh classic catchphrase ringing in my ears. The young’uns were feeling the mix of R&B, B-more, radio hip hop and all that rubbish. It’s not the normal stuff I put up on here but in the words of the Wu “I’m a man of many styles; forgive me”.



bopp – Mass Production
What It’s All About (feat. Busta Rhymes) – Slum Village
Love And Happiness edit1 – Al Green
Good To Go Feat. Q-Tip – Grand Puba
Vivrant Thing – Q-Tip
Champion – Kanye West
Real Love (Bad Boy Remix – Intro Edit!) – Mary J Blige & Notorious BIG
Music – Erick Sermon, Marvin Gaye
i just wanna love u (give it 2 me) – Jay-Z
What It Is (feat. Kelis) – Busta
Only You (Bad Boy Remix) – 112 feat The Notorious BIG, Mase
Pop Champagne  – Ron Browz
Hypnotize  – The Notorious B.I.G.
FRANKLINZ/DIRTY  – Av8 – Crooklyn Clan
Nuthin But A G Thang (LP)  – Dr. Dre
The Payback – James Brown
Outstanding (Greymatter Rework) –  Gap Band
Trippin’ At the Disco – People Under the Stairs
Funkin’ for Jamaica (N.Y.) – Tom Browne
I’ll Be Good – Rene & Angela
U-Tern – Gwen Guthrie vs. Daft Punk (Club Version)
Karen Silver -Nobody Else (12 Inch Version)
Whitney scrim edit  – Scrimshire
i can do it anyway you want . 12” (1979) vap records – Final Edition
love lockdown (b.cause disco edit) –  kanye west
Groove Is In The Dick – Diplo
Brew Barrymore  – DIPLO
Ignition (Remix)  –  R. Kelly
5. The Best Of Bird Peterson – Ignition Remix
Put That Pussy On Me – Spank Rock
Flat Beat
I Don’t Smoke
Oldskool Remix – Dizzee Rascal
Party People – Dee Kline
Watch Out For The Big Girl
Empire State of Mind (feat. Alicia Keys) – Jay-Z
Everyday People  – Arrested Development

Behind The Beat: Late 80s hip hop BBC TV programme

Here are some clips from a programme I used to watch when I was a youngster – Behind The Beat, part of BBC 2’s youth programme schedule called DEF II that was Janet Street Porter’s brainchild. Other programmes that they showed was Snub TV, Rapido and Dance Energy. It was also the slot to watch The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air -around 6pm on weekdays. I used to have a lot of the Behind The Beat episodes on video tape but I think they’ve all gone now. Watching the Public Enemy at the Hammersmith special while eating my dinner turned my 11 year old brain inside out.

Massive shout out to Gizmo from Skratchworx and TheOriginal808Beats for putting these clips up on Youtube.

DJ Hudson live at TBL Feb 2010: Disco, funk and boogie mix

Here’s the first two parts of the last session at The Bottom Line, a disco/funk/boogie night that is now on hiatus. There’s a few jumps and what not during the mix which is due to having a Bilal from House Party situation – if someone was dancing to near to the right turntable it jumped. I’ve been having a few Bilal from House Party situations recently. I had to tell a woman with a bad 80s poodle perm to stop bumping and grinding so close to me as she kept bumping the table. Anyway, here’s the links and tracklists.



Tracklist for part 1
You’re Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else – Jones Girls
Let Me Do It – Halo
Johnson Jumpin’ – Johnson Products
Level 42
Feel So Real (Won’t Let Go) 12″ – Patrice Rushen
Heart’s Desire – Don Blackman
Theme Song From ‘which Way Is Up’ – Stargard
Margo’s Kool Out Crew – Death Rap
Keep Her Happy – Phillip Wright
Can You Handle It – Sharon Redd
Such A Feeling (Part 2 & 3) – Aurra
Tito – Red Astaire
stick together (theo parrish re-edit)- minnie riperton
Tracklist for part 2
This Is Something For The Radio (Rap Remix) – Biz Markie
Extra T’s – ET Boogie
You are the one – AM-FM
Cuttin’ It Up – L.T.D.
Dazz – Brick
Weak at the Knees – Steve Arrington’s Hall of Fame
Drop The Bomb – Trouble Funk
Atomic Dog – George Clinton
Strategy – Archie Bell & The Drells
Watching You – Slave
Inside Out – oddysey
Maximus Party
Standing On The Top – The Super 3
Hips – Mtume
Self Made Millionaire 12
South Bronx – The Bottom Line

DJ Matthew Africa: Best of Gang Starr Mix

Yep, this is the third mix I’ve reposted from another blog this week. I don’t know if that’s bad blog ettiquette or not but I had to share this with you. I’ve not listened to this yet but Matthew Africa from Oakland always comes correct. I strongly advise you to subscribe to his podcast and check out the other stuff on his blog. Do it. Do it now.


Bobby Corridor’s Hip Hop Megamix

I grabbed this from Pipomixes’ blog a couple of weeks ago and thought I’d share it with the regulars who check out WWHD. This is an incredibly intricate mix of hundreds of classic hip hop tracks done megamix style (check the tracklist). A very enjoyable listen. I also recommend checking Bobby’s mix of tracks that use Melvin Bliss’ Synthetic Substution.