J-Squared & Hudson’s Season’s Beatings 4 (Revised)


In case you didn’t get the memo, J-Squared and myself have got Xmas records coming out the effin’ wazoo. We did three mix CD’s of alternative christmas fire, which are well loved throughout the land but people kept stopping us in the street and asking when’s the next one coming out? Therefore we put together a free internet only volume a couple of years back. This is that one that’s been slightly revised with a few extra bits.

You can grab volume one here for free and the other two volumes are in all good record shops like Fat City

Much thanks goes out to the Glenn McG for giving us the original SB4 mix as we’d foolishly lost it.

2 responses to “J-Squared & Hudson’s Season’s Beatings 4 (Revised)

  1. excellent.. and as u said. respect to glenn for finding this – i had no idea where i’d put the original files… – pumping sb4 again today – my cats like it..

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