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DJ Hudson’s Summer Cookout (Summer 2009 mix)

DJ Hudson's Summer Cookout

DJ Hudson's Summer Cookout

From Scientist Today Magazine:
“DJ Hudson has developed a new mix in collaboration withr the country’s leading scientist to aid the nation for any discomfort caused from overindulgence during this season’s barbeque period. The listener should feel relief from digestive trouble caused from eating meat (and non-meat) products consumed al fresco and disorientation due to daytime boozing.

The boffins found that a high percentage of the test group felt urges to dance or at least nod their head rhthmically to the tempo. Please feel free to use this new, dynamic product.

All feedback is welcomed (please send to the usual address).”

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Thomas Bangalter ‘Club Soda’
Stevie Wonder ‘That Girl’
Rapahel Saddiq ‘Skyy, Can You Feel Me’
Quincy Jones ‘Something Special’
Public Enemy ‘Fight The Power’
A.A.B.B. ‘Pick Up The Pieces (One By One)’
Aquarius Producoes Artisticas ‘Jingle Cruzeiro’
Michael Wycoff ‘Looking Up To You’
Chic ‘Chic Cheer’
Da King & I ‘Let’s Take A Trip’
Krispy 3 ‘Don’t Be Misled’
Kanye West ‘Love Hangover (b.cause Disco Edit)
Sugarhill Gang ‘Hot Hot Summer Day’
Dr Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band ‘Sunshower’
4 Hero ‘Star Chasers (DJ Spinna Remix)
Talib Kweli ‘Space Fruit (Summer In Paradise Edit)
Kenny Loggins ‘Make The Move’
Take 6/45 King ‘Spread Love’
World Famous Supreme Team ‘Hey DJ’
Boogie Down Productions ‘Beef’
MC Serch with Red Hot Lover Tone & Nas ‘Back To The Grill’
Q-Tip feat. Andre 3000 – That’s Sexy
Rosinha De Valencia ‘Summertime’
Roy Ayers Ubiquity ‘Time & Space’
Memphis Bleek feat. Jay-Z ‘Dear Summer’


Andy Smith – Live at Technique, Derby 1998

A recording of a set from Andy Smith from 1998 at Technique in Derby at The Loft. You can see some pictures from the drum n bass and funk/hip hop night here.

Download here