Hudsonbreaks Pt. III – Breaks/samples mix

Hudsonbreaks pt.III

Hudsonbreaks pt.III

Here’s another volume of DJ Hudson going through the collection for original samples in the style of Muro’s King of Diggin’ and Kon & Amir’s On Track mixes. There’s the source material for things by people like Madlib, Dilla, ATCQ, Junior MAFIA, Little Brother and loads more – dig in and enjoy yourself.

DOWNLOAD HUDSONBREAKS VOLUME 3 *updated link Nov 2011*

If you like this you’re going to like Volumes 1 and 2 here: HB1 and HB 2

5 responses to “Hudsonbreaks Pt. III – Breaks/samples mix

  1. Lotion on a very ashy day fam!

    Thank you

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  4. Thank you for this great music, I really like your mixes very much. Is there a chance you could give the tracklist for this mix, Please?

  5. Sorry for the unecessary request about the tracklist. I only had to follow the Mixcloud link. Again, thank you for this great music! Keep up the good work.

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