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Alphabet Soup EP – Akirfa Recordings 1991

“Alphabet Soup, a rhythmic group…”

A1. Sunny Day In Harlem
A2. Uncle Sam – 1st Draft
B1. Girl You Got a Grip
B2. The Resurrection of Gertrude

Without question one of my all time favourite records. If you like the sound of New York in the early 90s, ie, Leaders of the New School, De La Soul, Prince Paul, Organized Konfusion, Future Sound, KMD, then you really NEED this record. Straight-up drum breaks, the choicest samples & a rough rugged pure vibe that evokes. having fun. I’ve never had to look for it so I’m not sure what it goes for, but if I heard it & didn’t have it, I’d drop major coin on it in a flash. It’s that damn good. Anyone says any different, they are kidding themselves.

The 5 member crew consisted of producer Yasin (Brother Love) Gregg & emcees, Kiambu, Nubian, Deflon & Melkuan (who also provided the scratches). Recorded & mixed at I.N.S. Studios in NYC. Unfortunately that is all I know about them. They never resurfaced & as far as I know, there doesn’t seem to be any material from any of the members out there. Please do not get them confused with the West Coast’s Bay Area jazz/rap band also known as Alphabet Soup. Couldn’t be anymore different.

That above text is from another site but I agree with it – the amount of samples I spotted over the four tracks are kind of mind boggling, from Led Zep to MFSB to Sly Stone to something that Kanye used for Lil Kim… a full length LP from this crew would’ve been very interesting. If anyone has any further info on these let me know.

Andy Votel recently mentioned this in Wax Poetics and it has recently had a Japanese reissue.

If you like this say so as I might put up some more good hip hop for your preusal… cheers.